Homework (Try this great app for extra information and games – School A to Z)

Remember that the homework policy states that students of this age should be doing 15 minutes of homework each night.

This time should be spent on the following:

  • Reading the leveled book your child has brought home and talking about the content, especially relating it to what your child knows or to personal experiences that are similar to those in the book. The more talking the better!!!
  • Reading Library books
  • Working on reading the words on the Oxford word list in your child’s Communication book. The list marked “R” is a reading list (sight words) and the list marked “S” is a spelling list. The spelling list will be in the back of the communication book so it is not confused with the reading list. (Spelling tests will usually be on Fridays.)


  • Doing Look, Say, Trace, Cover, Write, Check with the list of spelling words to learn how to spell them. (Revise these regularly as students need to go over these words many times before they can spell them correctly when writing).
  • Saying sentences using these words. You can make this a game by creating silly sentences too.

Remember it’s always a good idea to go back over old word lists to revise them. Some students can forget them!!!!

Click here for more information about reading homework and for some ideas about how to respond positively to your child’s reading.

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U3 Homework Suggestions (only for after you have completed the above) ©

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Go on the class blog and write a comment on one of the posts (this will be moderated before it appears on the blog, and remember to just use your initials). Do a household job to help out inside or outside the house, eg gardening, cooking, cleaning or go on a walk around your neighborhood together (be active!) Go on the class blog and choose one of the links in the blogroll (especially find Mathletics in the Maths section) Play a board or card game or visit your local Library.


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