Visiting Peru

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Galapagos adventures

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Guess what I saw in the Amazon!!!

P1010683 P1010634P1010615P1010558 Yes I was scared of the tarantula as he was about 15cm across!!!!!!

The “flying” squirrel monkey was teaching its babies to jump across a creek. The babies were scared as they had never done it before, so the adults had to keep going back to show them how to do it. They all made it across the creek without falling into the water.



The bright green grasshopper was just sitting on the track as we walked through the rainforest.

The parakeets are eating clay along the banks of the Napa river. They do this to line their stomachs before they eat acidic fruits later in the day.

Captain Plop books

Today each child received 3 Captain Plop books and they may keep them. These stories fit in with our Science work.


I will be on Long Service Leave from Thursday March 27th for 2 and 1/2 weeks. Alex will continue teaching on Wednesdays and Di Shipard will teach the other four days and ensure that the rigorous learning program continues for students. Di has worked with me many times before and knows how the class works. See you next term. Happy Easter and happy holidays too.

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